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[opensuse] Re: openSUSE flaunting GPL
Marcus Meissner wrote:
osc build pulls in exactly the set of buildrequirements specified and nothing

libdb-4_8-devel has:
Provides: db-devel = %{version}
Then db-devel doesn't provide the necessary dbm_open call .

Either way the deps are not satisfied.

and samba probably doesn't build because you have too much builddeps installed
or similar.
"too much"... The spec spell out what to build -- if some things
not build, then the spec shouldn't build them.

But *part* of the problem requiring python to build everything and going
through a lengthy brp-check that seems to recompile all the python byte code for
every package -- even though the packages don't contain python code.

In this particular case, though, the spec file uses wildcards to delete
in directories that do not exist -- I fail to see why the spec file would delete
files in directories that the spec file doesn't create ***AND*** do not exist
on my
system either.. I have no files of the form /usr/lib64/ldb/libp* on my system
to any "excess builddeps"...

I fail to see either reasons applying in this case.
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