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Re: [opensuse] Sick of this...
Hans Witvliet wrote:
In Canada, e-mail with a digital signature is considered to be a legally
>signed document. As for bills, if it's something that occurs regularly,
>then you expect it and you've likely agreed to keep your account up to
>date. Also, it's very easy to access the web sites to check your
>account etc.
All very well, but why should other list member be confronted with sigs?
Not relevant to put it mildly.

The signatures I was referring to are X.509 digital certificates, which can be used to encrypt and sign email. The certificates are issued by or traceable to some certificate authority such as Verisign. You wouldn't normally use them with a mail list. Even if you did, it's not something that appears in the message. If you receive a signed message, you'd see an icon, at the bottom of your email app, that indicates it is a signed message. I have signed this messageĀ¹, so you can see what it looks like. Having received my public certificate, you are now able to send me an encrypted email

1. Assuming it makes it through the mail list.

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