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Re: [opensuse] That's it for thunderbird - NOT!
Carlos E. R. said the following on 07/07/2012 08:55 PM:
On 2012-07-08 02:48, Anton Aylward wrote:
Carlos E. R. said the following on 07/07/2012 07:28 PM:


That's a long way from Thunderbird being discontinued.


Mozilla to cease development on Thunderbird

Linked by Thom Holwerda on Fri 6th Jul 2012 22:42 UTC
Mozilla &amp; Gecko clones Mozilla has announced it's ceasing development
on Thunderbird; one more version will be released, and it'll be security
updates from then on.

If your quoted link is right and they are not stopping, that's reassuring.

We'll see what Monday brings :-)

But reassignment of resources to mobile makes sense.
Priorities and all that.

Thunderbird is too big - install base/user and all that - to vanish in a
puff of smoke. If they tried there would be outrage, and being open
source some others would take up at last some of the effort.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand
trinary, those that don't, and those that confuse it with binary.
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