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Re: [opensuse] Sick of this...
On 07/08/2012 12:15 AM, Anton Aylward wrote:
Carlos E. R. said the following on 07/07/2012 05:38 PM:
But the comment was aimed at saying that there are scopes where html
email is the norm, it is not a whole-sized evil :-)

Perhaps the question was badly phrased.

Try this.

Under what circumstances would HTML be absolutely and unequivocally
*NECESSARY* on this list.

Or Elsewhere.

Someone commented that he had received advertising/spam in plain text,
not HTML. Yes, I have too. This demonstrates HTML is not *necessary*
for advertising or spam :-)

However if you want to deceive users as in

<a href=bad site"> Good Site </a>

then HTML absolutely and unequivocally *IS* necessary.

In Thunderbird I can set to 'display plain text only'.
If the message is *only* HTML then I can conclude that the sender hasn't
bothered wit a plain text segment under MIME and is ether and
idiot/incompetent or has other, perhaps malicious, intent. The mail
gets deleted.

Mail from my bank etc etc *does* have a plain text segment. Any
necessary links are there as well and are clearly URLs with no 'disguise'.

If a friend sends me mail with an embedded rather than an attached
picture I can *choose* to view as 'original html'.

But as for HTML replacing plain text "absolutely and unequivocally
*NECESSARY*" under all conditions: NO WAY!

Are we going to spent any more space/time on this topic for times to come, or deal with it and just go back to "normal" operation?
i don't like to waste time on issues not very important.

Yes, there are two sides and each had ample time to ventilate there view. Now leave it to the list maintainers if they have learned anything and are willing or nor to change the settings. Either way, the list continues with or without HTML email messages.

Regards, Frans.

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