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Re: [opensuse] Sick of this...
On 07/07/2012 10:42 PM, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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On 2012-07-07 21:59, Felix Miata wrote:
On 2012/07/07 20:54 (GMT+0200) lynn composed:

but hopeless for those who run online marketing.

Dunno why you think that. HTML spam from online marketers hits my bit
bucket unread, resulting in 0 purchases. Links in plain text email
from online marketers occasionally here get a click, which >0 times
has resulted in a purchase.

My bank sends me email in html, and I'm not going to throw it away just
because I don't like it. I get the electricity bill, the water, the
telephone... all in html. Many of the commercial sites I ask questions
of, answer in html email, and if I delete it, it is me who is damaged,
not they. At least they don't post using that MS abomination that can
only be read with outlook (tnef).

I don't care if they email me in plain text or in html, it is not that
important, but to me, deleting html on sight is as absurd as insisting on
fixed font with a typewriter nowdays.

On the other hand, I receive lots of spam in plain text. Who cares!?

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Cheers / Saludos,

Carlos E. R.
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Yes Carlos, finally a good comment.
@fanatics: email is nowadays in many forms. If it is delivered via SMTP, it's email, no matter the content! Nowhere in the specs it is stated that it must be text only. It can't be because of UTF formatting too. If feel that only xenophobes and/or fossils want 7-bit ASCII.

However, every list has the right to it's own quirks. Not to your liking? ask nicely or quit using the list.

And using offensive signatures is a sure way to get blocked from lists or banned by its users. Except for social media, stick to the point otherwise and let politics out of these none political lists.

Frans de Boer.
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