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Re: [opensuse] KNetdump / Qtraffic successor?
On Thu, 5 Jul 2012 04:58:37 Stefan Gofferje wrote:

during KDE 1.x times, I loved to used knetdump to monitor what's going
on in my local network. Now I have some absurd traffic values on my
central server and I was looking for a tool which provides a similar
traffic display because that very easily identifies bandwidth-eaters.

I found the source for qtraffic but could get it to compile - well,
it's for Qt 2.2...

Does anybody know a program (for Linux/Opensuse, of course) which
provides a similar display output?

For those who don't know knetdump/qtraffic:
Those programs provided a "traffic view" which showed each network
node as a dot and then drew lines in different colors between the
nodes, the color representing the protocol, the width of the line
representing the bandwidth in use.


And knetdump was written for qt1. Ubuntu seem to have compatibility libraries
for qt4 to provide backwards compatibility for qt1 apps (and probably qt2, but
I didn't google that) but a quick zypper se qt1 didn't turn up anything for oS
(but maybe I was searching for the wrong thing).

If there is nothing in any of the oS repositories (and I haven't checked OBS
either) then you may have to look upstream. There should be a way to compile
the qt1/qt2 apps on qt4 using a compatibility library I would have thought.
When you find it, please report back here because these look like very useful

Rodney Baker VK5ZTV
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