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Re: [opensuse] SPITBOL linux
"Gregory L. White" <glwhite@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

A most important feature of SPITBOL is that the machine state can be
saved at any given time, for re-execution at the point it exited. For
example, in one of my extreme-strength encryption engines, I would not
want to travel for years or months etc., to get to the same point.



Opensuse lays claim of the most open of all distros. Meaning you can easily
get an account at (obs) and create a package for spitbol in
your home project, then submit that to a devel project, then submit it to
factory from the devel package. From factory it automatically ends up in the
next major release. You have to have a open license of course for the above to
be possible. (Lots of allowed licenses, but also lots of dis-allowed licenses
so this can be a real hurdle).

If spitbol compiles cleanly, someone who knows obs could get the home project
package created and built in under 30 minutes easy. The submissions take
longer because someone has to review and accept the package. Legal review for
non-open licensing often takes the longest, but that doesn't happen until the
factory step.

Opensuse 12.2 has already been split off from factory, so 12.3 (12.2+1) is your
first real option.

In the meantime, obs has a formal rpm publishing mechanism that lets opensuse
users install rpms directly from devel projects, or even home projects.

If this sounds like too much work, you could post a message about spitbol to
opensuse-packaging (or opensuse-factory) and ask if anyone would be willing to
do the above for you. We call that being a package maintainer.

Good luck

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