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Re: [opensuse] nginx on 12.1
El 03/07/12 11:43, Bob Williams escribió:
On 02/07/12 14:43, Jesús Reyes Piedra wrote:
Hello friends,
Ola Jesus,

I am new in the list. I have old machine (P-III, 8 Gb HHD, micro SLOT-1
at 700 MHz and 512 Mb) running as a proxy server (in TEXT mode).
I was installed 12.1 some time ago, when I powerup all works fine
(squid, DNS) but, the nginx service don't start automatically, I have to
start it manually and all works ok, until the next restart.I verify in
the Yast runlevels and all is OK.

What could be happened ???

Firstly, I don't use nginx so I cannot help you. However, I would
suggest you subscribe to the Spanish speaking list at opensuse-es, where
you may get help in your first language.

I'd also suggest starting a new thread for your question. What you did
was reply to a message in another thread (how to install wine 1.5.7) and
changed the subject. This is called hijacking a thread, and is
considered bad practice, and it also means your message might not get
seen by people who know about nginx.
PD Apologize my English, I don't practice usually.

Your English is good. :)

I am subscribe already in the spanish mail list, but nobody answer my question.
Nginx is a package that allow make proxy with pop3 and smtp protocol and another service (http, very fast), this package coming up with opensuse since 12.1 but in the 11.4 are in the repository and work fine.
I think that "systemd" are very fast but he need a good revision.

Thanks, Bob


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