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Re: [opensuse] how to install wine 1.5.7

On 07/01/2012 11:41 AM, DenverD wrote:
On 07/01/2012 01:30 PM, Robert Benjamin wrote:
Thanks again. I know not to log in as root. So when I turn the pc on, it
asks for my password and I entered it as usual. Have no idea if it is
logging me in as root.

probably not...after i wrote i thought that maybe the first time you started YaST it asked for the root password but the box saying "Remember Password" was checked, so the next time you started YaST it *remembered* the pass and didn't ask again..

i didn't think about that possibility because i don't check that box, and if it is checked, i uncheck it

I will read the info in the links you posted, and
hopefully I can continue to progress with the installation of wine 1.5.7

ok so, i have to admit that i didn't actually notice that you asked for a particular version of WINE...and, until you have a good bit more experience i would advise you to stick to the version of wine in the openSUSE repo!

and, i'd suggest you work hard at getting over the dying need to always have the very latest version of software....because, in Linux there is a NEW version of something every day...probably every half hour...

anyway, new does not always mean 'better' can easily mean (say) harder to install!

so, stick to the 1.4 in the repo, if you have a piece of windows software that won't run in 1.4, then i'd advise you to wait for 1.5.7 to show up in an openSUSE repo--and, while waiting explore some of the other 10,000 plus Linux programs, which are free..

I did have the Hardwood Solitaire 3 working in wine v 1.2 in 2010.

now you said the wrong thing: normally i would never put this much effort into supporting a game

It is
in the AppDB. So with help, I can get it to work. Just seem a bit more
complex now.

i'd say if it does not run with 1.4 (in the repo, EASY install) then find some other game to play....and, try out some of the FREE games that run natively in openSUSE (without running in wine) eventually you will get real tired of the old fashioned clunky way of your previous systems..

Is my login at fault somewhere having me log in as root and not

probably not, probably that box was just checked...and i didn't think about that.


Wine version 1.4 is in the repo so should be no problem. (LOL) Hope it will run the game. We'll find out. Any idea why I don't have the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop, or isn't it important now. Guess I should not worry about accessing yast and the 4 repos in the link above for the time being. Thanks again. Enjoy the weekend. Bob

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