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Re: [opensuse] How to save images?
2012. március 31. 2:46 napon Insomniactoo <Insomniactoo@xxxxxxxxxxxx> írta:

On Friday, 30 March 2012 12:08 Istvan Gabor wrote:
2012. március 28. 15:11 napon Bogdan Cristea <cristeab@xxxxxxxxx> írta:
On Wednesday 28 March 2012 14:55:50 Istvan Gabor wrote:

How can I save images that are opening when I click their thumbnails in
certain pages? One example:

the big image that opens after clicking the image in the page.

Another example, probably a different type:
_eu_r aktarrol_szamlaval_1564640810.html

Clicking the GPS image on the right opens a bigger image in the midle.
How can I save it?


What browser did you use? I don't have right click context menu.


I should have been more clear, sorry. The first image - the ABBA record, I
could save the image with my right-click menu. The second image - the mp3
player, I could not save with a right-click. In the case like that, I would
done a snapshot of the page and cropped it to my liking in GIMP.

I use Seamonkey ~80% of the time I'm online and only have AdBlock-Plus on

It is good to know that there are others too still using seamonkey.
May I ask you to do me a favor unrelated to this topic?

On this page:

could you please open a link (product) somewhere in the middle of the page
so that it would open in the same window? Then click go back button
and check whether the page you go back to switches to the top or to
the same view (middle) where you left the page before?

For explanation see this thread for which I haven't got any response yet:

May I ask you to post the answer to the above thread?

Thanks in advance,


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