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Re: [opensuse] How to save images?
2012. március 28. 15:11 napon Bogdan Cristea <cristeab@xxxxxxxxx> írta:

On Wednesday 28 March 2012 14:55:50 Istvan Gabor wrote:

How can I save images that are opening when I click their thumbnails in
certain pages? One example:

the big image that opens after clicking the image in the page.

Another example, probably a different type:

Clicking the GPS image on the right opens a bigger image in the midle. How
can I save it?

I have openSUSE 11.2 with KDE 3.5.10. Mostly I use opera web browser,
occasionally firefox or seamonkey.




For the first link you provided, there is no right click menu available when
you open that image, but on the same page there is a link to the image (HTML
section), so you could do (in a terminal):


In other cases, if you right click on the image you have the option to save
that image directly.

Hello all, and thank you for your answers.
I apologize for the delayed response.


In the first case:
What you get with whet is the small low resolution image, not the big one which
when you click on the preview.
Furthermore right click does not open context menu: neither in firefox 10
nor in opera 11.62.

In the second case: I can save the small image with right click > save image.
But if I left click the image it opens a larger one in the middle of the screen,
and I can not save it. Both in firefox and opera right click open a context
but they have no save image option.


For the first link you provided, there is no right click menu available
when you open that image

There is for me. I clicked on the record thumbnail, it opened on another page
as a larger image and right-click gave me the save image menu just fine.

What browser did you use? I don't have right click context menu.


Actually there is the right-click menu available for that image.

If you are using Firefox and have the NoScript extension installed ensure
that this URL is not allowed access to javascript (NoScript will show a big
red "S")
and you then are able to save the image.

(However, if you have allowed this page to have access to javascript then you
get the menu when you right-click.)

Thank you for this. It wasn't even necessary to install noscript addon.
Changing preferences>content>javascript options>advanced>unchecking
"disable or replace context menus" made the trick and enabled showing of
context menu in case of the record image.
But it had no effect on the other image, the GPS device.
This is I get on that site:
in firefox:

in opera:

There is context menu but there isn't save image option.


You can also look at the page info and save from there whatever you like,
whether JavaScript is on or off.
Firefox: Tools -> Page Info -> Media or ctrl-I
Seamonkey: View -> Page Info -> Media or ctrl-I

Thank this works as well. (But a little cumbersome if there
are plenty of media items as in the case of the GPS device,
the page has ~70 media items).
But it works.


What browser and/or addons are you using?
In case of the GPS I don't have either 'save image as'
or 'save link as' option.


If you are using Firefox I'd recommend the 'down them all' plugin.

Thanks for the tip, I will try it.
Once I used to use this addon but not recently.

Once more thank you all (even if not named in the message) for your tips.


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