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Re: [opensuse] Should openSUSE review it's Security Policies?
On 29/03/12 17:06, Marcus Meissner wrote:
On Wed, Mar 28, 2012 at 09:35:47PM -0400, James Knott wrote:
Jos Poortvliet wrote:
Changing the CLOCK TIMEZONE or the desktop timezone should not require a
root password.
It does in 12.1.
The problem here was that the applet had timezone and time change as same
privilege and not as split privileges.

timezone changes basically are allowable for users, but time
changes are "bad" as they void logfile integrity.

This is GNOME 3 specific and Vincent opened a upstream bug already to
split them again.

Ciao, Marcus

I guess that this may be an opportune time to introduce the suggestion that perhaps there should be 2 separate mail list for general HELP: one titled KDE and the other GNOME.

The other alternative is to ask people to always mention that they are using Gnome and that their question is do with the Gnome DE because most of the people in this list are KDE users and therefore always incorrectly assume that the question is to do with KDE and not Gnome.

I know that there is a Gnome list as well as a KDE list but people have been conditioned to regard them as lists to talk about "development" problems about "yet to be released stuff" in Factory and Kernel.


Why isn't there mouse-flavoured cat food?

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