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Re: [opensuse] howto automount nfs
lynn said the following on 03/28/2012 02:02 PM:

And yes. Very neat.

Neater, and ultimately cleaner when you come to dump it all into
YP/NIS/LDAP, is to have a map table per server

/mnt/homeserver /etc/auto.homeserver
# /mnt/homeserver ldap:ldapservername:homeserver
# or
# /mnt/homeserver homeserver
# if using nsswitch for 'type'
# see settings in /etc/sysconfig/autofs
# for LDAP entries
/mnt/fileserver /etc/auto.fileserver
/mnt/CDserver /etc/auto.CDserver

/mnt/local /etc/auto.local


That last entry has proven very very useful :-)


Don't mount on 'where its going to go'; use symlinks.
It's safer. Its more flexible.
Mount everything under /mnt. "That's what 'mnt' is for ..."
It lets you see all the things that you mount.
It offers a flexibility.

In the long run you are going to shed load; not all homes will come from
the same server (another reason not to put it directly on /home) and
people might want to dynamically mount other files from the file server
or CD server. I have the music server under everyone's
~/Media/Music/Shared/ as a dynamic mount on demand. The template on
account creation sets up ~/Media/Music/Shared as a symlink to

As you might guess, not everything on the CD server is actually a CD :-)

PLEASE do look at /etc/sysconfig/autofs
and please do read autofs(5).

Upon user login, are any of the following correct?

1. The log shows that only the user folder has been mounted

That will depend on what you have in PAM for login.
(Are we talking CLI or GUI?)

2. The other folders under /DOMAIN are available but are only
mounted on demand

If you think about how the wild-card mechanism has to work ....
The alternative is the way I do it with symlinks.
You may find that the "mount at /mnt and use symlinks" ends up with
things being a lot clearer. Or at least more is visible (and hewnce
understandable and debugable)

3. At the cli, you have to know the names of other shared folders
that are there.
4. In a gui you don't.

Isn't that always the case? If I use Dolphin it has actually scanned to
build the GUI that it presents.

5. There is no cli auto completion (hit tab
after the first few letters) for non mounted folders.

That seems reasonable, for the way you are doing it.
Its why I prefer the "mount at /mnt" so I can see them all :-)

6. It would be
better to get out the big hammer and stick the automount map stuff in

See my notes above, /etc/sysconfig/autofs and autofs(5)

I don't recall having all this trouble....

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