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Re: [opensuse] Re: how to change users home directory
lynn said the following on 03/27/2012 07:11 PM:

Let's say I'm working at home, in isolation on my laptop. I change my
/home directory to somewhere else. The hardware is 10 years old and I'm
using LXDE.

OK, I'll bite, but I'll still recommend you sniff your network.

What files are needed by (e.g.) KDE that are not needed by LXDE?
How will KDE react when it can't find them?

Let me state again, you did *NOT* change your /home to /home2
You used 'cp -a' rather than rsync or cpio and only the top level files
were moved. You did NOT set a 'recursive' option on the copy and you
did not copy the hidden "dot" files and directories such as ".kde4" and

There is another test you can perform.
Create a new local account. Lets be perverse and call it 'anton' :-)

# adduser -m -d /home2/anton anton

Set the password.

Have a look at what the 'skeleton' has produced in therms of top level
file and "dot" files. Are all the same "dot" files there for you
/home2/lynn account?

Now try logging in as 'anton' then logging out and going to the next login

* at a console for the command line
* with a GUI

Was there a delay on any of them?

Now do it over in case the first-run of any of those involved creating
files that weren't there with skeleton or involved building a cache.

Try 'ls -l /home2' and see if /home2/anton is owned by 'anton' and what
the group is. Is '/home2/lynn' owned by 'lynn' and of the same group?

Ok, so I'm playing your game of "leave the network out of it" even
though you haven't reassured me that the network is not a factor.

You say
Neither I nor anyone I know are admins.
That's can't be true; you've described you doing activities and making
changes and configuring things that mean you are an admin. You need a
privileged account to do the things you describe.

That's what I love about GUIs:
They make simple tasks easier, and complex tasks impossible.
-- John William Chambless
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