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Re: [opensuse] Re: how to change users home directory
lynn said the following on 03/27/2012 02:26 PM:
On 27/03/12 14:02, Anton Aylward wrote:
Carlos E. R. said the following on 03/27/2012 07:42 AM:
On 2012-03-27 13:31, Anton Aylward wrote:

I recall that she said she edited /etc/passwd and changed

Here is the original /etc/passwd entry:



Same user.

How does Lynn log in to _other_ machines?

lynn can login locally when she has /home/lynn

... on the client machine in question ...

lynn can login locally when she has /home2/lynn BUT it takes too long
(my main reason for asking if I'm doing something wrong)

You did do something wrong, according to what you told us.
You use 'cp -a' to copy the files.
That doesn't copy recursively, not does it copy the "dot" files.
I advised that you used 'rsync'

When /home is mounted by nfs, /home/lynn is no longer available. FWIW I
have a LAN account too via LDAP called lynn2. What I'd like to do is
keep my /etc/passwd account available too on that particular client. I
assume this is OK to do since nsswitch.conf allows me to do this with ease.

The problem is the delay in logging in, which is a pain.

I'm sure there is some way a trace, possible with a network sniffer.

Can you clarify:

* What ID is available for network login? 'lynn' or 'lynn2' ?
* is 'lynn2' in the /etc/passwd on the client machine we are
concerned with?

I suspect that if you are using a nsswitch order to do network first
then local file, the delay is in trying to find a network account that
matches. But I really need to know how nsswitch is set and what
accounts are available for network login.

If 'lynn2' is a network (YP, LDAP, whatever) and there is no 'lynn'
available as a network login,


the nwsswitch is set to query the network first


you try logging in as 'lynn'

THEN three will be a delay as the network returns fail.

Yes, well, its probably not that simple, that clear cut since there's
PAM and other matters, but you *can* sniff the network to see what's
happening for that delay time.

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