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Re: [opensuse] Spam question
On Thu, Mar 22, 2012 at 11:50 AM, Jim Flanagan <linuxjim@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
How would a spammer get a valid email address on my opensuse postifx server?
I run a home postfix email server with a handfull of users. At least 2 of
those users are getting spammed from what appears to be another user on this
server. That one is little used and has a name with unique spelling. How
would someone get that name and spelling?

The header shows its coming from some IP address other than mine, with a
different return path, but has this unique spelling of this users name?
Could this have been retrieved from my server in any way? Or just from an
email that user sent out in the past?

Thanks for any ideas?

Jim F


It's pretty trivial to set the reply / from address of a email to anything.

So spammers will grab a email address out of the web somewhere and use
it as a from address. They typically move on after a couple days in
my experience, but you never know.

The worse option is a lot of spambot viruses will infect a computer,
grab the email info and start blasting emails as if they are from the
computer owner.

I've seen that numerous times on windows boxes. Never on a linux box,
but I'm sure its just a matter of time.

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