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RE: [opensuse] FYI: Howto disable tracker
On Wed, 2012-03-14 at 10:44 +0100, Hans-Joachim Ehlers wrote:
So these tools are NOT a solution for managing data. For that we would
need a object oriented file system or at least a service approach
meaning that we have a service ( Off by default but configurable from
GUI frontend ) where applications can query this service OVER the

Ok, you have exactly that; except it is on by default because there is
no reason to have it off.

And of course the data is NOT stored in a DB which is even a SINGLE
Such a service would scale from a local PC ( Standard Linux
Environment Implementations ) to large networks. I think its already
exist and it is called "search engine".

You are changing the use-case. Tracker is, and Beagle was, a *desktop*
search tool.

And you are wrong that you can't access Tracker, and that you couldn't
access Beagle, over the network. Both are possible and work, or worked,
well. I used Beagle via it's *HTTP INTERFACE*; it worked really well
and was my browser's home page for years.

System & Network Administrator [ LPI & NCLA ]
OpenGroupware Developer <>
Adam Tauno Williams

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