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Re: [opensuse] NFS security
On 16/03/12 21:02, Werner Flamme wrote:
[16.03.2012 14:57] [Carlos E. R.]:
On 2012-03-16 13:53, Werner Flamme wrote:
[16.03.2012 12:20] [Carlos E. R.]:

You do not set up a password per share.

You set up Kerberos. NFS is able to use Kerberos then. So the user
authenticates against Kerberos, not against NFS.

Do you know of a howto or easy to follow documentation on this?

There are bazillions of HOWTO setup Kerberos. I think
<> is quite old, but
still OK, since there were not too many changes ;-)

And for using NFS4 with and without Kerberos, you might look at
<>. Ubuntu tends to long,
descriptive texts because of the experience the users already have ;-)
So, the package name may differ, but the rest of the article is OK.

You can even use a search engine (,, ...) and
search for "howto kerberos nfs4 opensuse" and you might find something
:-) A bit more up to date is
but they propose merely the same ;-)

And to "easy to follow": I read one page (in german, iirc) and did as
the author described, it worked fine after I adapted everything to my
environment. So I guess you can take about any howto ;-)



Some good links there. An easy way to get an excellent Kerberos server is to install Samba 4:

We are using that as our KDC for Kerberized NFS for our openSUSE and Ubuntu clients. Our win 7 boxes use the cifs side of it. It's interesting to compare the speeds of the two filesystems. Details here:

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