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Re: [opensuse] Software Manager (YaST2) - a question about its behaviour
C wrote:
On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 15:34, Lars Müller<lmuelle@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Apparently you haven't had to field calls from confused beginner users
who are wondering what they did wrong after installing an application.
Beginning users I'm not allowing to call YaST at all. They even don't
know that the user with the most power is named root.
So, you support them every single time they want to update? and add an
application? Can I give my "users" your phone number? I field
support for users in Australia, Canada, USA, Germany, Netherlands,
Sweden and and and.. (I've got friends scattered all over the place)

They don't know they have root for the most part.. they know that if
they want to add an application, they use their user password.

Well, if they're root on their box, then it's quite eady to change the
default. It's possible from the GUI which you call obscure. Well, your
point of view.
You (as in experienced users, not you specifically) are used to and
comfortable with the YaST tools for editing system configurations...
they are not.. to say "just go change the option" is silly... you
don't tell a user to go tweak their Windows Registry any more than you
tell these same users to go twiddle the oepnSUSE system
configurations. That's a "stay away from there or you might break it"

This one issue I see over and over... "why did my software installer
disappear?" or... "why do I always have to restart the software
If that's the case feel free to feed If
non has done this in the past. As I don't care you'll neither get a
plus or minus from me.

Best is you branch YaST, change the default and start to smack the YaST
devs around. I expect they'll love you. :)
I'm not going to branch YaST... like you.. limited time.

This was discusses ad-nasueum when the change was made. The reasons
for making the change make sense for experienced users and don't make
sense for in-experienced users.... but that fact was railroaded over
during the discussion.

One thing that was requested back during the horse flogging was that
there be an option added to the software manager... nothing ever came
of it because people are understandably busy. So in the end, the
default was changed to what makes sense for experienced users.... and
the rest of use are left standing there trying to explain to Joe and
Jane User how to navigate the scary sysconfig applet in YaST.

I'm not asking for a change now.. just trying to point out that in
some of what we do here in the project we forget the end user... this
is one prime example. We made a change to a default that may not have
been the best one - depending on who your user is... an experienced
developer and long time Linux user, or someone who is making their
first steps into Linux... or doesn't know enough to be confident
enough to poke the dragon lurking under the surface of their KDE or
Gnome (or LXDE ect etc) desktop

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