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Re: [opensuse] SAMBA.
On Thu, 2012-03-15 at 02:49 -0700, Steven Hess wrote:
To me it is a problem.
NFS works without password. I don't want passwords. I am not sharing
this stuff on the Internet but on private network of personally owned
computers. Windows 7 Pro does not have the ability to do NFS.
I want to share my files to a WIndows 7 computer. I have to use SAMBA.
I can't make it share files.
I am not finding getting information on what to do easy

Then you are seriously looking in the wrong place. For setting up Samba
ELSE. There are trainloads of WRONG and obsolete information on the
'net about Samba. The documentation provided by the project is very
good and well organized. Especially just the smb.conf manual page
[already on your computer] is a good read.


Searching the smb.conf man page immediately turns up:
"Sections may be designated guest services, in which case no password is
required to access them. A specified UNIX guest account is used to
define access privileges in this case."

Guest access is a but confusing. But generally it is [share] .. guest
ok = yes ... as long as you have a valid guest user configured and map
bad user to guest. Make 110% sure that guest account = indicates a
real valid user account; that is the most common mistake for guest
account setup. And that user must have permissions to access/modify the
underlying folder.

and I see no place to turn off username/ password.

Because it is impossible. You have to map bad user to a valid guest

In YAST configuration for SAMBA I see no place to turn off username /

Because you can't; you just manage failure to authenticate into a guest

In SWAT I see no place to turn off username / password. Even
on the local machine if I try and browse SMB I am prompted for a
username / password.


Like I said I checked the Wiki and the articles and

See the Samba project documentation. I agree it is confusing; there is
no reason for a distribution to have any pages or documentation about
Samba; everything should just point the user to

Setting up Samba, Postfix, Named, ... or whatever service really has
nothing to do with openSUSE, Ubuntu, Debian, Slackware, OpenBSD, AIX,
HP/UX, Solaris, etc... it is sad that distribution-mindedness has gunked
up the search for documentation to such an extent. Other than where a
few files might be found the distribution is pretty much irrelevant once
whatever the appropriate package manager is has installed the software.

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