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RE: [opensuse] FYI: Howto disable tracker
Quantity of information that users
huge and manual indexing overhead is not something that
users have to take as normal. What for we have computer, if it will not
help with indexing and search.

But then please Intelligent Solutions and not tools which are "simple" minded
like beagle, tracker, nepomuck ....
There horizon ends where windows was 15 years ago.

They are not cluster aware, they use large "databases", i can not use them
from different locations/over the network. There is no way of configuring these
tools from a user perspective.

So these tools are NOT a solution for managing data. For that we would need a
object oriented file system or at least a service approach meaning that we have
a service ( Off by default but configurable from GUI frontend ) where
applications can query this service OVER the network. And of course the data is
NOT stored in a DB which is even a SINGLE file.*

Such a service would scale from a local PC ( Standard Linux Environment
Implementations ) to large networks. I think its already exist and it is called
"search engine".


* I have already a user where the tracker DB is about 1GB large. Nice in a
clustered environment running NFS and where users can login from any PC working
on the same home directory.

BTW: Since some programs have a dependency on tracker and the famous " disable"
works not on a global scale i stay with the simple chmod. It keeps down what
has to be kept down.
Hard solutions for nightmare implementations.
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