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Re: [opensuse] Milestone 1 openSUSE 12.2 - my comments on it
On 13/03/12 09:09, Thomas Taylor wrote:
On Mon, 12 Mar 2012 11:16:16 -0400
Patrick Shanahan<paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

* Basil Chupin<blchupin@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [03-12-12 02:05]:
I downloaded and installed Milestone #1 on a spare set of HDDs when MS #1
became available.

Several days ago I decided to actually switch to using MS #1 as my "main

I haven't had to return to my now-used-for-many-months 12.1 in all this

MS #1 works perfectly for me - and it works faster than 12.1 even though the
HDDs I am using are ancient/slower than the ones on which I have 12.1

you *should* echo your accolades on the opensuse-factory list :^)

I also have 12.2ms1+ running on a test box.

At this point I would think that part of Patrick's suggestion is now becoming relevant: further discussion should go to Factory which handles not-as-yet-released-versions.

However, I will comment on what you wrote.

I also am using 12.2-M1 only at the moment. Did run into one problem with "tracker" causing bottlenecks. This was solved by uninstalling "tracker" in Yast2 and rebooting.

I have no need for "tracker" so it doesn't affect me.

Oh, one other minor problem, any time I try to print from Firefox (10.0) it crashes. Haven't gotten down to perusing the logs yet. Tom

*BUT* this one is a doozey :-) .

I hadn't tried to print anything but after you mentioned the above I found that trying to print using EITHER Firefox or Thunderbird immediately crashes them. No ifs or buts - just crashes them :-( .

(I also have to add that several days ago I mentioned that there is a new addon for Firefox called COLLUSION which gives a graphical display showing which site is providing cookies to other sites in order to track you. Well, with this COLLUSION installed Firefox immediately, do not pass Go do not collect $200, crashes. If anyone experiences this then delete in the Firefox Extensions the file jetpack.xpi.)


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