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Re: [opensuse] Radeon HD 6450
On Sun, Mar 11, Felix Miata wrote:

Before you do that, try this on cmdline instead of nomodeset:


Substitute whatever your display's native resolution is for 1600x900. What
display are you using? Could be that it is where the bug lies and only 12.1
figured out how to hit it. Could be a more complete xorg.conf WRT display
characteristics is all you need.

Also, there may be Xorg startup and/or config parameters to try specific to
troubleshooting whatever rv chip yours is, and other suggestions if only you
weren't keeping Xorg.0.log a secret. One would be disabling EDID via

Sorry about not pasting Xorg.0.log. Nothing personal :-)

I stumbled on the opensuse page for the fglrx driver, and as it took
all of 2 zypper commands, I gave it a try and it seems to work. The
Xorg.0.log definitely shows it operative, though modprobe shows nothing
about it or radeon.

Believe it or not, sometimes Dell knows about stuff like this, and may have
some help available if only you can figure out where to look.

Oh, I believe it.

Thanks again for all the help. I'm off to see a woman about some brandy
while the mountain of detected software updates install... I've been at
this for 8 hours now. Been years since I had this much trouble with a
SuSE install.

The weekday evenings to come will be full of the fun of transfering
$HOME from backup to the new machine (once found a busted integrated
nic that way) and all the dancing to get multimedia, etc. working

All the best,

Michael Fischer
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