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Re: [opensuse] New clock/calendar "feature"
On 03/07/2012 09:18 AM, James Knott wrote:
I don't know when it came in, but there seems to be a significant change made to the clock & calendar in KDE on 12.1. Previously, I could click on the clock on the bar, to see the calendar and then close it when I was done. This worked well for years. Now, clicking on the clock causes a small rectangle with the word "Calendar" on it. I then have to click on that, to open the calendar. Then instead of simply closing the calendar, I have to click again on the clock to close the calendar. At least that's the way it's apparently supposed to work. I now have a small square sitting above my bar, which I cannot open further or close. The only way to get rid of it is to log out of the desktop. I guess this is another "improvement" that we can thank the KDE team for. They have an excellent record of taking something that works well and then breaking it. Why couldn't they have left well enough alone?

Hi James,

On my 12.1 the calender works okay.

If, once the calendar is open, I click on the little square with "14"
inside in the upper left corner, it closes to the box above the task
bar as you describe. Double-clicking on the box, or single-clicking
on the "14" box will open it up again. It all closes when I click on
the clock in the task bar. Just don't click on the "14" icon.

BTW, what's the significence of the "14" anyway? The tooltip that
opens up says, "Collapse this widget".


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