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Re: [opensuse] Re: Placing icons on desktop v 12.1
On Tuesday, March 06, 2012 08:21 Robert Benjamin wrote:


Can I give you any more info about what I did to follow
your instructions or anything else I can do to get icons on the desktop.
Once a program is installed, I can only find it in the launcher at the
left, and can't move the icons to the desktop. Thanks. Bob

Hi Bob,

Unfortunately a lot of folks on this list forget what it's like to be new and
the difficulties with beginning to play with a whole new OS, so they tend to
instructions as if you, the newbie, was born knowing how to edit something with
and/or vi (just for grins and giggles, you ought to install those two and try
them out
once. Talk about PITA editors!).

I don't use Gnome personally, but this works for me in KDE - click on the
menu button in
the lower-left-hand corner, scroll up to the application/program/item you're
wanting to
put on the desktop, left-click and *hold* on that item and drag to the desktop
*from* the
menu. Hopefully that will work for you just as it does me with KDE.

I've no clue why the devs in *both* desktop environments (apparently from
what I've read
of Gnome users complaining also) decided to 'fix' it so that right-clicking
anywhere on
the desktop and having it in the context menu (as it used to be in days past)
is now gone.
It was intuitive, it was fast (and faster) and it was simple (and simpler than
now) and
just worked. Just shows another old addage that made sense is gone along with
some few
others - 'Don't fix what ain't broke' and 'KISS-Keep It Simple Stupid' are just
a couple.

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.
-Edmund Burke
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