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Re: [opensuse] Commercial office suites for Linux?
Mark Misulich said the following on 03/05/2012 07:14 AM:

On Mon, 2012-03-05 at 10:17 -0500, Anton Aylward wrote:

I hope you send out a system independent format such as a PDF.
The thing I like about PDF is that it looks *exactly* like you want it
to look on any destination machine. Its why so many people use it for

That's not to say some PDF generators are awful. But that's not the
problem; there are plenty of tools to do cleanup. Just as you can use
'tidy' to clean up the abysmal HTML that MS-Word produces ...

I use Word 2000 to produce my document, then I convert it to PDF with
Acrobat 6.

There are many parameters that can be set in that conversion, aren't
there. These will affect the size of the result.

Could you tell us what those settings are?
Could you also tell us the resulting size.

I have tried every combination of file from Word,OOo and LOo, Scribus,
MSPublisher, then convert it to PDF in several ways.

Perhaps you could try the same with OOo/LOo and its internal PDF
publisher and tell us the settings you used and the resulting file size.

It always comes
out as a smaller file if I use Word then Acrobat, than any other
combination to produce it.

Are these compressed or uncompressed PDFs?
Are there images in them?
Did you compress the image ?

And after producing a couple of files by those different methods could
use you the PDF 'acroread' viewer and

File -> Properties -> Fonts

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