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Re: [opensuse] ssh connection refused since upgrading to 12.1
Bob Williams wrote:
There were two lines in the file, so I eventually followed James' advice
and deleted each one. When I had an empty file, my ssh command worked.

I was tempted to suggest deleting the entire file, but that means you'd have to accept each key again. As I mentioned, you should be able to find the one line for that system and deleting only it. Each line starts with the host name or IP address followed by ssh-rsa as shown below: ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAgwCFsf0HDuR+kPMIClIjCCW5vkxaFPvtJhIvZvmkSSyXh9pQh6VcssmJzxVftuCbYj6VmNiX21jxEN2dpdHkzFvIAZbJ67PVTVi/bz2hL0pNkvc4ww2lM1UoIp/kp26ay2fU+06KecdxoXBb0PFpHfeZpuxJvSD1fA3UkpbcZfNhp01N

In vi, you can simply move down through the lines (or search) until you're on the correct one and then delete the entire line.

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