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Re: [opensuse] Re: Should openSUSE review it's Security Policies?
James Knott wrote:
Dave Howorth wrote:
There's been a huge amount of discussion in this thread about many
different use cases. But I don't think requirements analysis is really
the difficult bit. I think Werner's right.

Does anybody have any concrete suggestion for how the system should
behave? (Or better yet, some code to implement it! :)

(a) What options should there be at install time? (and as a minor
subquestion, what should be the default?)

(b) What facilities should the be as an administrator? (For each
possibility in (a))

What facilities should be available while logged in as a normal user,
within each environment set by (a) and (b)?

Cheers, Dave

Given that notebook computers are intended to be used in different
locations, then it should be possible for users, without root password
to use local WiFi and printers. If the employer decides that those are
not to be permitted, then it should be their choice. This means that
the policy should be configurable and I would suggest make the default
that those connections are permitted.

Thank you. That's good and constructive. I think that more contributions
like that from everybody are what's needed. Hopefully it will be
possible to converge on a set of features that everybody can accept.

For openSUSE to simply say you're
not allowed to do that without root password is flat out wrong, stupid
and arrogant. As I have mentioned before, with the current policy, I
would not be able to do the work that I have been hired to do. That's
the reality of the situation and it is that bad!

That is not constructive and doesn't help the discussion at all. Please
try to focus on making progress, not taking potshots at people.

You seem to think Werner is correct. Please justify why I should not be
allowed to do my work.

Werner said:
OpenSUSE is a community project and you're welcome as a member to
find and/or provide a manageable and secure solution for both a one
user or shared users systems as well as for real multi user systems.

I fail to see how that bears any relation to whether you can do your work.
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