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Re: [opensuse] Resize BTRFS
On 3/1/12 7:48 AM, linuxjim@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

On 02/29/2012 03:39 PM, Jim Flanagan wrote:
On 2/29/12 2:32 PM, Andreas Jaeger wrote:
On 02/29/2012 09:05 PM, Jim Flanagan wrote:
How do I resize BTRFS on opensuse 12.1. I have a default test install
vmware. I originally did not allocate a large enough partition and
to increase it. I allocated 2gb more space in vmware, and that space
shows in Yast Formatter.

I ran #btrfs filesystem resize max /

but nothing changes.

I tried this 3 ways. One with the 2gb space not allocated, two with it
allocated by not formatted, and third formatted in BTRFS. All 3 times
the size does not change.

What am I missing?

(I have everything installed in /, except swap and /boot).

Can't you use the YaST partitioner to resize the partition?


No. I get a pop up message saying "You cannot resize the selected
partition because the file system on this partition does not support

/ is on /dev/sda3. Its the one I'm trying to increase. I understand
btrfs allows this on the fly.

You could try:

btrfs filesystem resize /dev/sda3 max /

While the device is marked as optional here: it
may not be.


Tried it here but got this error:

linux-6kf5:/home/jim # btrfs filesystem resize /dev/sda3 max /
ERROR: 'filesystem resize' requires 2 arg(s)

This is what happens the previous say. Looks like it resized, but no
changes are made:

linux-6kf5:/home/jim # btrfs filesystem resize max /
Resize '/' of 'max'

linux-6kf5:/home/jim # btrfs filesystem show
Label: none uuid: 77d88d59-0279-4763-bef4-9ffa1e9248e4
Total devices 1 FS bytes used 5.27GB
devid 1 size 6.75GB used 6.75GB path /dev/sda3

Btrfs v0.19+

So I tried it here using uuid but still the error:

linux-6kf5:/home/jim # btrfs filesystem resize
77d88d59-0279-4763-bef4-9ffa1e9248e4 max /
ERROR: 'filesystem resize' requires 2 arg(s)

Jim F

OK, in reading the btrfs wiki more, resize the filesystem does not affect the size of the actual partition. Looks like I need to do that first. Will have to dig out a gparted cd, or perhaps a opensuse install dvd.

Will revert.


Jim F
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