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Re: [opensuse] Uninstalling a package doesn't remove all the traces?
Haro de Grauw said the following on 12/30/2011 07:40 AM:

May I suggest if we could design a tool like that 'Purge' of Debian, for
this purpose?
I'm not familiar with Debian's 'purge'. Does it clear any config files
(etc.) that are *specific to one package*, or does it do a system-wide
purge of everything?

In the latter case: I imagine it should be easy enough to make a tool that:
- gets a list of all installed packages
- gets a file list for each package
- merges all these lists together (make a 'master list')
- eliminates all files on the system that are not on the master list
- (optional: gets zypper to reinstall all packages)

As people have poitned out, there is a lot of stuff that such a strategy
would remove that you want kept.

A more sensible approach would be to use tools like

* Padraig Brady's 'fslint'

(Mind you, all that could be done with 'find', but that's another matter.)

FSLint will clean more crud out of your system than the minor dot-file
detrius that LinuxIsOne talks of. BTDT.

The other problem is hanging dependencies.
Yes, you removed a package, but you didn't remove the packages it
depends on that nothing else depends on. You've left orphaned packages
lying around!

There's an option for Zypper to do that :-)

RPM can also tell you the config files used by the installed packages.
You can then figure out the detrius ones that belonged to removed packages.

But have you purged /tmp and your various caches?

All that being said, I think these are not very good ways to waste your
time; you would be better of play PySol or KMines.

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