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Re: [opensuse] [SOLVED] "Undefined mode 348"
On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 10:43:38AM -0500, Brian K. White wrote:
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So finally after watching things go all sloppy for years and not get
better, my attitude toward suse has changed. Let's keep the order of
events and cause & effect straight. Suse doesn't suck because the
community sucks at supporting it. Suse went from having a large
staff with high production standards to having a fraction of that
staff and the only production standards if they exist any more must
be going into SLE. The flow of work now seems to be lots of
volunteers do actual work on opensuse for free, but mostly only a
few suse staff dictates changes and policy to all those non-staff
developers. And the work into opensuse goes into SLE and then paid
staff does work on SLE to clean it up and make it actually good and
reliable* but that work doesn't go back in to opensuse.

Lovely. Luckily it's wrong. The relationship between openSUSE and SUSE
Linux Enterprise is a give and take.

Let us have a look at the department - yes, we still are this big that
we have departments ;) - the SUSE Samba Team is part of. This
department is named SUSE Labs and beside glibc and Samba a huge part -
split in three teams IIRC - are working on the Linux kernel. And they
handle it more or less the same way as we handle it with Samba. Release
early and release often.

With openSUSE 12.1 you all got the Samba version delivered that we'll
use for SUSE Linux Enterprise (SLE) 11 SP 2. And after the release of
SLE 11 SP 2 we would be stupid not to use the same code for updates we
have to offer for openSUSE.

A lot of our work is bug fixing of components which are used by SLE

Do we hold these fixes back?

No, cause any fix kept back doesn't get the beloved peer review.

Do we keep them in a separate branch from openSUSE?

No. Those fixes get published to the Open Build Service and after some
time they got further testing from there they all get part of openSUSE.

Therefore we have communication between the two systems. Pieces are
getting back and forth. There is no one way.

It's not only that we take the money. Beside the beloves Open Build
Service we also give back the enhanced code to the general community as
to the openSUSE users.

Maybe I'm wrong but that's what it feels like.

If I'm wrong, well it's almost a great a crime simply that I was led
or even allowed to form this impression.

I'm sure you believe it. As I believe my version. ;)

* (I have to assume this, that SLE is more polished and predictable.
I don't use SLE because it's stupid today to pay money to get a less
standard and thus automatically _less supported/supportable_ system.
The support a few suse engineers can possibly provide can't come
_close_ to the simple mass of numbers of other users of opensuse or
ubuntu or fedora. Simple coverage and exposure beats out paid
support no matter how good the guy you're paying is. Really just
allergic to paying? See above SCO Open Server lover for years...)

SCO lover. Hm, that explains a lot. *scnr*

I'm more and more sure that you don't even have a rough picture what's
going on with SUSE Linux Enterprise. It's up to you if this is due to
bad performing SUSE communication or if this is mainly driven by your


Lars Müller [ˈlaː(r)z ˈmʏlɐ]
Samba Team
SUSE Linux, Maxfeldstraße 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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