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Re: [opensuse] Re: fsh and distros
On 12/21/2011 4:52 AM, Joachim Schrod wrote:
lynn wrote:
On 12/21/2011 01:25 AM, Joachim Schrod wrote:

And that's my NSHO as a CEO who does hiring. My company exists
since 1995, and I was always able to distinguish between blenders
that tell me about dists they boasted to be in-and-out and (to take
a recent example) Ex-Solaris admins with 20+ years experience who
were grumpy but knew Linux best practices within a forthnight. No
need to tell who I hired.


That's interesting. Do you get them to do anything with a computer when
they attend interview?

No. I ask them for past experience and I ask them how they would
approach problems that I tell them. If they sound good, I invite
them to a pub together with other staff of mine and ask them for
war stories that may be shared.

Same here.
After a few emails we just recently flew a guy in from western Canada down to NJ basically just to go have sushi with him.

That few minutes is so valuable.

In this case I was actually already pretty well satisfied from some email and phone conversations, but if you're contemplating starting that kind of relationship and they are mostly going to work from home from that far away, it's worth it to at least meet once for a day or so just so everyone gets a good sense of each other. It helps the subsequent email-only and phone-only interactions go better for at least the next year or so and by then the company christmas dinner will come around to provide a booster shot of face to face even if nothing else does.

Heck that's how I was hired in the first place too. They saw my posts on a mail list. I wasn't even looking for work. They approached me completely unsolicited. They had me do a few jobs from home and then one day I drove down from upstate NY and had lunch with the owner. No application, no resume. 25 minutes of lunch. I did do those few test jobs, but no one actually evaluated my work itself, only the outward result. I did talk about problems I'd solved things I'd seen such as on that mail list but it was all about the approach and not about the details.

It doesn't matter if someone knows a dozen programming languages or one or none. What matters is do they do stupid things WITH them.

And that is easily discovered just by conversing on-topic for as little as a few minutes.

If they really lie to me, we'll discover that within the first few
weeks and will fire them on the spot. But we never had to.

I also try to discover fanboys (does one say fangirls, too? never
read that), be it distro or any other technology (Apple, Android,
Windows, Linux in general happens quite often). I can't afford to
send such people to customers. I would loose contracts.

Yeah we've had unfortunate problems with that too.
The answer to every problem is always replace everything and use whatever is the current hot buzz thing, usually with no regard for if it's necessary or practical or efficient, or even _applicable_ for the problem at hand. And if you don't agree the only possible explanation for that is that you must just be a dinosaur afraid of new things and holding back the company from advancing... headsmack...

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