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Re: [opensuse] Re: fsh and distros
lynn said the following on 12/21/2011 03:25 AM:
Mmm. That's not what we find. Consultant's here will not work with
Linux. All they do is tell you to replace it with 2008 server and win 7.
Candidates will tell you they can do everything whilst chatting.

My experience is that Linux/Unix people are able, even willing to work
with Windows systems. They know Windows is well documented and they
always seem to have the initiative to be able to find the idiot-proof
documents that show screen-by-screen what has to be done.

Perhaps that is why the Windows types _can't_ cope with UNIX/Linux; it
requires that initiative and the idiot simple instructions aren't always

Mind you, there are some Windows types who seem smarter than others, and
the smartest I've seen are actually among the end users, the people who
moved from WordPerfect before Windows, yes the DOS-days, through the DOS
MS-Word to the Windows Word and on, even to through the changes to the
menu and that floating strip thing. Yes, I mean the humble
'secretaries' that don't get sent on the training courses that the
sysadmins do and have to put up with the b*llsh*t the sysadmins talk
when the computers and networks and those 2008 servers don't work.
Those humble secretaries know better than to fiddle with stings they
don't understand and despite their poor remuneration they probably
contribute more value to the organization than some of those sysadmins.

The few times I've seen it happen, those secretaries take the change to
Linux/OpenOffice from Windows/MS-Word better than the sysadmins take the
change from Windows to Linux. Yes, everyone gripes about change, but
some people "Get On With It".

Realistically, context is everything, and sometimes you need to hire the
inflexible over-specialized types and at other you need to those that
are flexible and can accommodate change.
Context is Everything
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