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Re: [opensuse] fsh and distros
On Sun, 2011-12-18 at 17:05 +0100, lynn wrote:
An annoying problem came up recently when discussing Linux distros. A
dedicated Mac user told me he'd never change to Linux because every
distro is different. What he meant was that he has Ubuntu on a vm and I
was showing him some openSUSE stuff. He was lost when he needed to look
at /var/log/syslog because on openSUSE it gave him an error. He had
already made his point.

Is there any communication between distro devs as to where stuff goes?
It seems to be anywhere you like, despite e.g. that the fsh saying it
should be /var/log/messages


The example we were working on was bind 9, the latest version of which
is not available on Ubuntu, so he was trying to compile from source. The
Ubuntu bind9 apt-get stuff creates /etc/bind for config files, openSUSE
uses /etc and the official bind docs suggest /srv/named/etc. But that's
just the start. The directory could be /var/lib/named or anywhere else
you can think of. Then is it /etc/init.d/bind9 start, /etc/init.d/bind
start, /etc/rc.d/init.d/bind9 start, service bind start, service bind9
start, service named start, /usr/sbin/named -c /etc/named.conf, start
bind, start bind9, rcnamed start, /etc/init.d/named start. . .Should it
run bind:bind, named:named, root:named, root something else. . .

On a mac, this doesn't arise. He said.

I think he has a good point. Is this the price we pay to be able to have
it anyway we like?
L x

There are several sides to it.
You MAc-user said he'll never change to Linux. Well the kernel doesn't
show that many difference between the distro, from a users

Difference between distro's is about the same difference between HP-UX,
solaris or between window-95 or windown-98.
Or even within one distro-release, KDE or Gnome.
Regarding Ubuntu, most of the people i know who are using it,are just
capable of putting the install-cd into the drive.....
If those end-users can work with it, and are happy with it, who am i to
tell them otherwise?

At the other hand, basic configuration (nfs, dhcp, logs, etc etc) can be
converged to a single layout. But many distro's don't even follow the
FSH, eventhough it is rather outdated, and certainly needs a refresh,
and perhaps extensions.

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