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Re: [opensuse] Tool similar to "Terminals" for windows
Greg Freemyer said the following on 12/17/2011 12:34 PM:
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I do a lot of remote desktop work. The far end can be windows or linux.

I recently saw "terminals"


It's a free($) tool, but it runs only on windows and per the comments
on the site it doesn't even run under Wine.

I'm familiar with tsclient (and I tend to leave that open on my
desktop 24x7), but I'd love to have a more feature rich tool like

Does anyone know of a openSUSE compatible tool along those lines.
It depends on which features you are looking for.
I use Konsole

"terminals" has
Multi tab interface
so does consile
Open terminal in full screen, switch between full screen mode
Well that's a function of the linux desktop
Resizable terminal window
Attached and dettached Windows
Never tried that, but its called "detach current tab"
Connections history
Konsole does that by means of 'profiles'
Customizable toolbars
Open custom application from Terminals window
Is that what .... Oh I see.
Not relevant when you have KDE hotkey for a launcher
Toolbar for computer control panel applets

Well Konsole has 'bookmakr's and other configuration options too.

There also Gnome Terminal

See also

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