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Re: [opensuse] Is openSUSE a rolling release?
* LinuxIsOne <reallife@xxxxxxxxxxx> [12-16-11 07:41]:
On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 5:29 PM, Patrick Shanahan <paka@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

And upgrade *always* has the possibility of doing harm/breaqking things.
The *unexpected* is always possible.  This is the reason for testing.  All
possibilities cannot be tested, there are too many, so there may be

But, breakage is not expected or is documented with work-a-rounds or
upcoming correction (normally).

Okk, I see. Then, I have to do this experimentation box where I don't
have to do office work.

It's not like jumping off a cliff, but there are *possilbly* hazzards. I
upgraded my home system as a test via "zypper -v dup ..." but I would not
do that to a *production* system w/o having first tried on very similar
system. If I break my home machine, I normally have a contingency plan
and my server has mail and web, ... The desktop accesses required data on
the server, mail, financial records, other data. If the desktop is
scrambled, I can just reinstall and have not really lost anything but my
(valuable) time.

Only you can determine whether you can stand the risk to a system you
control. If you cannot stand any downtime on your "office" machine,
perhaps you should upgrade another machine and then replace your "office"
machine with it while you do that upgrade.

Or maybe your upgrade will complete w/o problem and .....

Lots of maybessssss
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