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Re: [opensuse] Any problems with installing 12.1 on RAID ?
James Knott said the following on 12/15/2011 04:30 PM:

Do you use ifup for networking?

Damned if I know; I just installed Fedora-15 and it "Just Worked"

Run fetchmail?

If you read my postings here you'd know the answer ...

There was also the problem with network manager plasmoid that requires
root password to create any WiFi connections. This wasn't a software
error. It was an incredibly stupid design decision.

There's a lot of that about!

I also have one
computer that I have to boot through the install disc.

All that stuff about where the pre /boot boot stuff lives, MBR, which
partition and how it all links together confuses me.

My laptop will boot from a USB but only if you reconfigure the BIOS
while the USB is there. You can't tell it

try USB, then if that's not there or fails
try CD/DVD, then if that's not there or fails
try the hard drive

And don't ask me how things get from grub to a working system under
SystemD now I can't trace the scripts starting form the entry in
/etc/inittab. And no, the docco isn't up t date on that.

Of the 3 computers
I've installed 12.1 on, 2 of them have problems getting networking to
run in systemd. The 3rd, is a notebook that uses network management
plasmoid, instead of ifup, for networking. Get networking working
reliably and also fetchmail to work at all in systemd, then we can talk
about running a server etc. on it.

We definitely need a better logging of the boot and startup with SystemD.

Try editing /etc/systemd/system.conf to turn it on :-)

I find it surprising that postfix wasn't working "out of the box".

I do too.
But then I have a separate mail hub so mail capability on my workstation
or laptop is a non issue. Design Decisions again.

"Now look," Forrester said patiently, "progress is an outmoded idea.
We've got to be in step with the times. We've got to ask ourselves what
progress ever did for us."
-- Randall Garett, "Pagan Passions", 1959
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