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Re: [opensuse] Any problems with installing 12.1 on RAID ?
Anton Aylward wrote:

I (Anton Aylward) find the implementation of SystemD on
Fedora 15 rock solid and easy to use.

Do you use ifup for networking? Run fetchmail?

So I don't think the problem is with SystemD per-se but rather the
implementation of it on openSuse 12.1

Damnittohell, this is the same kind of "alpha" stuff we had when KDE4.1
came out.

There was also the problem with network manager plasmoid that requires root password to create any WiFi connections. This wasn't a software error. It was an incredibly stupid design decision. I also have one computer that I have to boot through the install disc.

Of the 3 computers
I've installed 12.1 on, 2 of them have problems getting networking to
run in systemd. The 3rd, is a notebook that uses network management
plasmoid, instead of ifup, for networking. Get networking working
reliably and also fetchmail to work at all in systemd, then we can talk
about running a server etc. on it.
How many of those are production machines and how many are 'scratch'
machines? I hope none are critical for 'production'.

One is my main desktop, one my new notebook and only one is a "test" system, where I experiment with server configuration.

Personally I think that having this 'backwards compatibility' was a
mistake. SystemD should not have been released yet, not until it was a
complete change-over, not until everything is running under SystemD
services and not a kludge that sometimes runs the old scripts 'cos
no-one has got around to completing the stuff that SystemD needs to
start up Postfix/Sendmail etc etc.

I find it surprising that postfix wasn't working "out of the box".

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