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Re: [opensuse] Any problems with installing 12.1 on RAID ?
James Knott said the following on 12/15/2011 12:29 PM:

Anton Aylward wrote:
I was thinking of the context "SystemD under OpenSuse 12.1"

As I've mentioned, I find systemd too flakey to use.

What you mean is

I (James Knott) find the implementation of SystemD on
openSuse 12.1 too flakey to use.

I'll grant you that.

I (Anton Aylward) find the implementation of SystemD on
Fedora 15 rock solid and easy to use.

So I don't think the problem is with SystemD per-se but rather the
implementation of it on openSuse 12.1

Damnittohell, this is the same kind of "alpha" stuff we had when KDE4.1
came out.

Of the 3 computers
I've installed 12.1 on, 2 of them have problems getting networking to
run in systemd. The 3rd, is a notebook that uses network management
plasmoid, instead of ifup, for networking. Get networking working
reliably and also fetchmail to work at all in systemd, then we can talk
about running a server etc. on it.

How many of those are production machines and how many are 'scratch'
machines? I hope none are critical for 'production'.

One 'but' I saw reported for Fedora _before_ I installed it, and
presumably it was fixed by the time I did install, was that the BASH
shell was missing from /etc/shells. This will have/would have cascading

Among those are that the "compatibility" with the scripts under
/etc/rc.d gets broken.

Personally I think that having this 'backwards compatibility' was a
mistake. SystemD should not have been released yet, not until it was a
complete change-over, not until everything is running under SystemD
services and not a kludge that sometimes runs the old scripts 'cos
no-one has got around to completing the stuff that SystemD needs to
start up Postfix/Sendmail etc etc.

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