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Re: [opensuse] Systemd and fstab
On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 07:24:08PM +0100, Per Jessen wrote:
Lars Müller wrote:

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 10:04:01AM -0500, James Knott wrote:
Andreas Jaeger wrote:
It will, the issues that came up now are getting fixed. Seems not
enough people tested it before the release in earnest ;-(

When you make a significant change, such as this, you'd better do a
*LOT* of testing before inflicting it on innocent users.

Yes, you as the community have to test more and better. It's a shame
how bad you performed as part of the openSUSE 12.1 release process. ;)

How about we delay a release until it's been properly tested?

Then we'll not see any further release. The much I complained about
this unconditional - not depending on if this is an initial install or
upgrade case - switch the much I have to stress that we have to keep the
matrix of possible install combinations small.

Therefore I hope sysvinit will get dropped as soon as possible.

The openSUSE 12.1 release demonstrated again quite well how the release
process works. Quite a few people test pre, rc, and release cnadidates.
Not to speak about the snapshots before. And as soon as the final
version is available the majority is surprised what going on and wrong.
Surprise, surprise. :/

What would be the benefit of additional three months? Three further
months the same people would test it while the same other gang waits for
the final release.

Having a defined schedule and clear dates communicated I consider very
important. If I look from this view to the release of 12.1 I have to
stress Coolo did quite a good job.

If you see real steps beyond a general delay of some weeks or months how
to drive this better I'm sure all are happy to enhance the process.


Lars Müller [ˈlaː(r)z ˈmʏlɐ]
Samba Team
SUSE Linux, Maxfeldstraße 5, 90409 Nürnberg, Germany
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