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Re: [opensuse] Systemd and fstab
On Thursday 15 December 2011, Anton Aylward wrote:
Christoph Bartoschek said the following on 12/15/2011 07:51 AM:
t is quite embarassing but I have found my problem. Starting with
11.4 the nfs service is not starting automatically. One has to
enable it for runlevels 3,5 to get automatically mounted remote

I wonder why I thought that this problem started with 12.1. I think
the few 11.4 machines we have were not rebooted after initial setup
so the problem did not appear.

To sum up: for opensuse systemd is not responsible for mounting
remote filesystems. It is the nfs service.

Enabling the service solves the problem. However it does not solve
the hang with comment=systemd.automount. So I had to remove the

I'm sorry, this makes no sense to me.

NFS doesn't mount the file systems.

You mount them in the automounter or the fstab with 11.4 or
with explicit units or the fstab with SystemD

There should be no need to use automounter to mount NFS dirs. After
knowing Christoph's real problem we see that this is still true even
using systemd.

So everything is fine. Even the flame about possible bugs and missing
docu on the other part of this thread was useless:
- there is nothing wrong with 12.1 ReleaseNotes about nfs
- man fstab is still valid
- no need to read random blogs just to know how to mount very common
file systems

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