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Re: Clinging to Microsoft (was Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?)
On Sun, 2011-12-11 at 22:02 +0100, karl-heinz_tm wrote:
From my experience with colleagues and family who all use / have used
Linux to various degrees,
there are a few very simple reasons why most (at least partly) cling to

1) Windows is free of charge to them because it is preinstalled on every
consumer-grade PC,
so there is no value to them in Linux being free. I have even had
people discounting building
their own PC and rather take 2nd-best and buy from the store because
they would have to buy
(and install) Windows separately on the DIY box.

2) Windows is preinstalled while Linux requires a separate installation
(with a risk of destroying whatever
they have on Windows). This is a close to unsurmountable hurdle to
average computer users who not only
do not know the Linux terminology which is often different to what they
know from Windows, but more often
than not they don't even know what a partition is so can't even make
choices from the very simplest installer.

3) Everybody has Windows, and they don't want to miss out on the coolest
or hottest download out there that
their buddies tell them about. They do not (want to) understand the
concept of SW repositories, and don't mind
downloading and installing crap from even the most untrusted websites
(which is quite different from the way
SW is installed in Linux). If that ruins their Windows installation,
there is always a friend who is a "Windows expert"
and fixes their problem / reinstalls Windows for them.

4) They use software for which they believe there is no equivalent in
Linux. Most of the time, it is sufficient for
them to maintain that believe that they do not see a Linux version of
their SW (but unfortunately in some cases
they may be right).

5) There is a perception of Linux being complicated, and the only "big"
distribution that I know that helps them
getting started with Linux based on their computer skills and Windows
background is Ubuntu. Most other distros
are made by Linuxers for Linuxers, and will only leave our Windows folks
frustrated, with their Linux preconceptions
being confirmed.

6) Given that everyone uses Windows and noone uses Linux, it must be
true that Windows is better and Linux is -
at best - something for geeks.

There may be more but that's my main experience. One thing is for
sure,however: many people would be prepared
to try Linux if they had to purchase Windows at extra cost, but as has
been said in other posts, that is prevented
by M$'s illegal practice of enforcing bundling of new computers with

Indeed, as i stated before, windows-free new computers aren't available
for the general public.

For every PC sold, it should be an add-on options, with a price tag.

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