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Re: [opensuse] why not openSUSE used grub 2?
Linux Tyro said the following on 12/09/2011 01:17 AM:
On Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 7:23 PM, Dennis Gallien <dwgallien@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Anton, don't leave out reading the bios hardware map and making bios calls :)

Everyone needs morel learning in Hardware I guess. Even Anton told, he
doesn't know much of the hardware.

There's hardware and there's hardware.
Anton knows an incredible amount about hardware ... just not *THAT* kind
in _sufficient_ detail to write a bootloader. Only enough to write the
error correcting algorithms for the low level driver.

An important part of Wisdom is recognising the limits to your knowledge
and capability. I can't run a four minute mile or bench press four
times my own weight. If you can, great, but I'd advise you to not
speculate on what other's can't do. You are more likely to be talking
about something that they can do but have more important (or
interesting) other things to do.

"Each new law makes only a single guarantee. It will create new criminals."
-- John Tandervold
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