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Re: Clinging to Microsoft (was Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?)
On 12/08/2011 09:52 PM, j debert wrote:
, LinuxIsOne wrote:

But still it seems amazing!

Microsoft Syndrome. Similar to Stockholm Syndrome. Classic.

People are so accustomed to the aggro and pain of Microsoft that the thought of using anything less sadistic is frightening.

They accept that their data will be lost, that their time will be wasted, that they have to do things over and over again, that malwarez will wreak havoc on their systems, data, finances and personal life. They accept that they will have to spend a ton of money on their computers, software, backups, etc., adn. They can't imagine a life without all that, let alone wish for one. Microsoft is Reality. It's The Way The World Is. It's the End All and Be All. It's Existence. Microsoft is God.

That's not entirely sarcasm.

I've seen people's reactions when Microsoft up and fscks everything. They're annoyed at first but quickly they're resigned to it as if that's the way it's supposed to be. Rarely has anyone expressed the slightest desire for anything better.

There are exceptions, of course. People who do not fit the norm. Exceptional people who are not satisfied with that Reality. They know who they are.


AMEN and +1

Every time I tell people that you never - ever have to do a DEFRAG anymore - and - that their personal data is stored in a separate partition and not necessarily needs to be backed up before they do any upgrades - and - should never have to worry about viruses, etc in the foreseeable future - - they are SHOCKED and literally in complete DISBELIEF.

Then when I tell them that Linux is FREE - they are very ready to go - - until I tell them they have to get use to a new set of software and the weird names in Linux - - then - - they do a COMPLETE turn about and say I'll just live with the pain of Windows.

This is going to back to what I said before - if there was a way to run Windows' software - natively - under Linux, then people would probably jump at the chance of Linux.

Oh yeah, when I try to tell people about the OSS movement and Linux was written by people all over the world and collected together - they are COMPLETELY HORRIFIED and how that must be a mass of confusion to keep things straight.

Bottom line, I think people feel "safe, warm as fuzzy, they have been around a long time" with Windows. Have learned all their software ONCE, And afraid as hell to have to learn something new - even though, as we know, it is better in the long haul.

To me one, one thing that would help, is a MAJOR informational campaign to educate the public of what OSS is about, how it is organized, structured and coordinated and how it becomes a distro of Linux. Then, there are so many, explain the idea of distros and how to pick one.

Aside: Why Microsoft doesn't implement the idea of "/home" is completely beyond

Aside for developers: (I hope this makes sense to someone) Now if someone could take IBM's VM for the mainframe and make it a desktop OS. That way the main OS (vm/pc) would not have to be scheduled and/or paged out, etc. It would be running in "real" time. And all the Windows "real" instructions would be translated to "virtual" instructions and passed to "vm/pc" and executed. This is why IBM tauted that you would not see much of a performance hit when running under VM. Plus it has the equivalent to userid shells using CMS (Conversational Monitoring System) with the default scripting language of REXX (sort of, equal to BASH) - - - - Build it as a kernel extension


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