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Re: Clinging to Microsoft (was Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?)
, LinuxIsOne wrote:

But still it seems amazing!

Microsoft Syndrome. Similar to Stockholm Syndrome. Classic.

People are so accustomed to the aggro and pain of Microsoft that the thought of using anything less sadistic is frightening.

They accept that their data will be lost, that their time will be wasted, that they have to do things over and over again, that malwarez will wreak havoc on their systems, data, finances and personal life. They accept that they will have to spend a ton of money on their computers, software, backups, etc., adn. They can't imagine a life without all that, let alone wish for one. Microsoft is Reality. It's The Way The World Is. It's the End All and Be All. It's Existence. Microsoft is God.

That's not entirely sarcasm.

I've seen people's reactions when Microsoft up and fscks everything. They're annoyed at first but quickly they're resigned to it as if that's the way it's supposed to be. Rarely has anyone expressed the slightest desire for anything better.

There are exceptions, of course. People who do not fit the norm. Exceptional people who are not satisfied with that Reality. They know who they are.



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