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Re: [opensuse] Re: [opensuse-factory] equivalent to boot.local for systemd
On 12/6/2011 10:49 PM, James Knott wrote:
Cristian Rodríguez wrote:
Description=My 6to4 tunnel



Aint that cute ? ;-)

Yep. All that to replace one whole line in after.local. Why not still
have that after.local function included in systemctl? It is a very
useful function.

A meaningless function outside of the narrowest of contexts.
Simple often isn't.

It's simple and useful in the way that a single button is simple if the single button just luckily happens to do the one thing you want.
But if you want to do something such as adjust the volume somewhere in between maximum or off, then that simple button is infinitely complex to the point that the desired action is not possible at all.

systemd authors would say the concept of last doesn't even really make any sense. The last thing to run is init when it issues reboot() or halt(). Everything else is somewhere after one thing and before another thing, so just figure out what your action really needs, and what else really needs IT, and devise the appropriate set of conditions for systemd to either provide, or wait for.

It's kind of too bad that you had no volume problem because you happen to keep the radio in the cellar so it was naturally a reasonable volume audible from everywhere else in the house, and so the introduction of this volume knob is such an unwelcome and unnecessary new complexity in your life, but really the single on/off button is not enough control to express the various things everyone else needs to do.

Yes it's more complicated to reproduce certain actions that used to be simple, in trade, it makes other actions that used to be impossible, possible and even relatively simple. The difference between possible and not-possible outweighs the difference between possible in one line vs possible in one file. In fact, even the 10 line file is simpler than the one line in boot.after because a seperate file is infinitely more portable and manageable and automatable, _reliably_, than editing lines in existing files or files that may or may not exist.

You are using Linux. It's far more complicated than Windows or OSX to do some of the same tasks.

You are using a computer. It's far more complicated than pens and books and gramophones for certain tasks.

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