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Re: [opensuse] Failures with 12.1
John Andersen said the following on 12/08/2011 02:43 PM:

They haven't even got systemd running reliably on Fedora as any simple
google will reveal.

Perhaps the articles you are viewing are out of date or apply to
specific machines and configurations.

I'm running Fedora 15 on a crappy old AMD-64 I picked up at a thrift
store and and crappy old 20G drive to boot it from and NFS mount to all
the space consuming stuff as spare LVM partitions on my server. Not
quite PXE/diskless - HAHA :-)

While SystemD is strange for me, once I figure something out it works
quite reliably.

This isn't to say that packaging/imposing it on openSuse for 12.1 will
give you the same result, but I can say for sure, for sure, for sure I
tell you three times, it works OK on Fedora-15, right here, right now.

Fedora-14, dunno; Fedora-16, dunno.

But it does run reliable for Fedora-15.

You are quite entitled to do what I did; go down to your local thrift
store and pick up a crappy old machine and enough disk and memory (ooh,
lots of memory, I can let you have some DDR2/1G at a reasonable price if
you can't find any on eBay), and put stock-from-the-DVD Fedora-15 on it
and see for yourself that SystemD **CAN** work satisfactorily.

I'll grant you that apart from the NFS for much of the file system I'm
not doing anything esoteric with this, but its does all the good stuff;
mail, Apache, KDE (in ~/.kde not ~/.kde4), thunderbird, konq and
dolphin, firefox, LibreOffice, gwenview, Skype. I've not tried Gimp or

All the hassles I usually have with flash, of course :-(
I doubt that has to do with SystemD though.

Sorry if I burst you pretty "SystemD is useless" balloon, but there you
are. I have to face up to the evidence in front of me, no matter what
google might report about the past.

Heck, when I'm looking for stuff about Suse I usually limit my searches
to the last year so I don't get results about 8.3 and 10.0 and other
time wasting articles.

It is possible, I suppose, that Suse is more demanding than Fedora and
that Suse 12.1 and the SystemD there won't run on this price of thrift
store crap even though Fedora does. I might try that.

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