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Re: [opensuse] Headless X-Server ?

Putty *does* offer an X client:


      putty - GUI SSH, Telnet and Rlogin client for X

      -X, -x Enable (-X) or disable (-x) X11 forwarding.

and, tested, works.

... are you certain it's not just forwarding to your local X server?
I tried the windows implementation and it doesn't seem create it's own
X server. it kinda looks from the man page that you're running putty
on a unix/linux machine and might already have X running local? I'm
pretty sure on tthe windows side you'd need something else to get all
the X features, be it cygwin, exceed (do they even still exist?) or
some other paid for or freeware server.
Even the Magic 8 ball has an opinion on email clients: Outlook not so good.
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