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Re: [opensuse] Why openSUSE is less popular than Ubuntu?

I was just thinking that though openSUSE is more smooth and works
better and has more clean architecture than Ubuntu but still why
Ubuntu is more popular?
The only answer I have for that is: Who cares?

The popularity of a distribution does not make it 'better' than anything else. Honestly, people should use what they are comfortable with and works in their situation. For me, openSUSE fits that bill. In other situations, another distribution might fit.

Use what works, not what is popular.

There is always some "inertia", meaning: people don't like changing distribution every week. There was a lot of initial enthusiasm for Ubuntu in that it was particularly "friendly" for Linux newcomers, especially compared to Debian (which Ubuntu forked from). However, other distributions have caught up and perhaps done better than Ubuntu by now in this regard; openSUSE certainly also makes a point of being accessible to former Windows users.

Ubuntu certainly brought a lot of Windows users into the Linux world, and remains popular as a "first distribution" for those who have never used Linux before. And as long as a distribution doesn't make any great blunders, or fall drastically behind on others, there is a large number of users that will simply stick with it, because they are familiar with it.

After all, isn't that the only sensible explanation for a couple billion people still desperately clinging on to Microsoft Windows? :-D


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