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Re: [opensuse] How to partitioning in unallocated disk space
Felix Miata said the following on 12/02/2011 07:55 PM:

Conventional partitioning is as much art as science, with definition of
"steps" colored heavily by expectations and knowledge or lack thereof.

Very much so.
Its a "One man's meat is another man's poison" situation

... How big to make the new partition
depends on how much space you want to reserve for one or more / (or other)
partitions for use with openSUSE and any others you may wish to install, test
or otherwise dabble with.

This is the reason I use LVM.
In future I may use BtrFS.

I realise at first sight LVM may look more complicated, but when it
comes down to it its no more difficult, an install time, than creating
an extended partition. The partition manager then just iterates and
lets you create partitions inside the LVM just as it would if you had
created an extended partition.

The important difference, especially for a newbie, is that if you
misjudge the size of the partition you can adjust it.

I use ReiserFS so I don't even have to unmount the partition to adjust
the size of the file system!

Of course come BtrFS this all becomes so much simpler!
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